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7 statement bags to instantly transform your festive-look!
Rounding up 7 statement bags for every kind of fashionista. Discover bags for weddings, sangeet, cocktail parties & more.
5 Vintage Objects That Inspired Our Vintage Collection
Old is the new, new. The past contains a world of intrigue and inspiration that is available even when you’re confined to your home – as we found ourselves through the pandemic. Considering Tan & Loom’s timeless, season-less ideology slow fashion, the...
Slow Fashion in the wake of Covid-19
The ongoing pandemic has forced us to re-assess a lot of things including our fashion consumption and creation choices. Do we really need to upgrade our cupboard every Spring & every Summer? Do we really need to keep up with...
The only fashion trend we need in 2021
2020 has undoubtedly been a bummer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn lessons from it for a better future. That’s the goal – conscious shoppers, conscious fashion, and a happier planet
The 2020 Gratitude Gift Guide
Celebrate the season by sending your loved one's gifts of appreciation. Every good deed gives you a little dopamine hit.
What's the hyper around vegetable tanned leather?
What is vegetable tanned leather & why do we use it? Is it the same as vegan leather? We have all the answers in this 3 minute read.
Is Ikat from India?
With a current culture in India that veers towards the homegrown and the artisanal, we take pride in the traditions of ikat weaving in the country, as we should. For centuries, it has been made in India – but is that where it was born?