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Slow Philosophy

For far too long, efficiency has been measured by speed. Shorter timelines. Longer supply chains. Seasonal Fashion. At Tan & Loom, we think a little differently. As creators we aren’t answerable solely to the customer but also to our craftsmen, to our culture and to the environment. We believe that when you put time into creating something, it gives you time in return. In a world nudging towards the cheap and fast, we’re committed to offering premium handbags and accessories that are made to last.

Whether you shop at Tan & Loom or not, we hope reading this makes you think a little bit about slow fashion and mindful living. 

Handcrafting a leather bag at Tan & Loom

Crafting in small batches

While modern machinery has been adopted by our craftsmen over the years, what we retain is the practice of mindfully crafting in small batches. On one hand this allows the team to give each piece the attention it deserves and on the other it gives them time that they deserve. We believe to create ethically and responsibly is not a way of doing business, but the only way. 

Giving back to communities

We endeavour to do justice to the cultures that have inspired us. By sourcing local fabrics, we not only ensure that we’re giving back to the communities we draw inspiration from but also give you the opportunity to carry forward India's rich legacy of handloom. 

Creating mindfully

Unless we use leather sourced from surplus factory dead-stock, we only use mindfully dyed vegetable tanned leather. Our methods are time-consuming, but the benefits make it worth the wait. Biodegradable, durable & made to last are only some of the benefits.

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