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Article: How to find the perfect work bag

How to find the perfect work bag

How to find the perfect work bag

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Any working professional can attest to the fact that a disorganised handbag can wreak havoc on your day. It’s always worth evaluating if your everyday leather bag is conducive to a successful workday, or is it getting in the way?

When it comes to items that you plan to use every day, you want to choose one with a timeless design. Tan Classics by Tan & Loom offers a range of women's leather work bags that are quintessentially timeless in design, so you don't have to worry about it going out of style. Having a handbag that can do it all transcends convenience – it can actually lead to more mindful living. And while there may be no perfect bag, there is one out there that’s perfect for priorties and personality. Here’s how to find it.

For the super organised

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Do you believe in ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’? If so, you’ll love the Business Tote. With a cushioned compartment for your laptop and holders for your pen, water bottle, keyring and more, everything you need stays right where it’s supposed to be. No more rummaging through for your knick-knacks: having a designated spot for everything saves you from wasting precious moments during a busy day and supports efficiency. The space, configurations and formal look of the Business Tote also makes it an excellent business travel bag. For lovers of lists, routines and structure, this bag will have you swooning.

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For those who want the freedom to do it all.

Buy best women's genuine leather laptop tote for women in India | Tan & Loom

If you’re looking for a spacious work + life + play bag, the 365 Days Tote is what you want. This roomy bag has clean interiors with free space to use as you like – whether it’s office, dinner dates, vacations, or running errands. The zip closure ensures you don’t lose tiny essentials on your adventures. Suitable for non-corporates and freelancers, and if you need your laptop on hand, pair it with a Classic Laptop Sleeve for some cushioning. For those who don’t want to be tied down to one role – and don’t want their bag to either – the 365 Days Tote is what you’re looking for.

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For those looking for simplicity.

Perhaps you don’t like to mix work and play, or maybe your ‘office’ is wherever your laptop is. Whatever the reason, if what you’re looking for is an elegant way to carry your laptop around, the Executive Laptop Bag is perfect. It’s a sleek, roomier alternative to a laptop sleeve that has both long and short handles so you’ll never have to tuck your laptop under your arm again. This bag can hold all your tech essentials – a laptop, phone, charger, wallet and notebook – and it does it in elegance and style!

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For the lucky laptop-free crowd.

Buy best leather office bag for women in India | Tan & Loom

Don’t need to lug a laptop around all day, but nevertheless require an efficient and elegant work/life bag? The Gamechanger Handbag is what you need. The unique shape compliments every work outfit, and offers a spacious interior for your everyday needs. Dedicated pockets for your phone, pen, keyring offer greater efficiency for busy days. It’s genuinely a gamechanger for those looking to combine functionality with style.

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No matter what your priorties or preferences are your perfect work bag definitely isn’t one that you want to change every year. Tan Classics edit has been crafted with premium full-grain genuine leather that's as resilient as the modern day working woman so you can use for years to come. Plus, it’s been sourced from factory dead-stock, which makes it a win for you and a win for a more circular economy!

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