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Care & Warranty

Owning a slow fashion handbag begins with understanding it. We handcraft them with love and in return what the products ask for is your care and love.  

How to store a Tan & Loom product

When not in use, keep your Tan & Loom leather and handloom bags and wallets in our breathable cotton dust bag that is provided to you free with any purchase. Store in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. 

How to protect your Tan & Loom product from moisture or mouldiness

Leather is prone absorption of moisture from the air. Regular usage will not allow any mouldiness on the products. In the event the product catches mould, take it out of the dust bag, wipe it with a very soft and clean white cloth and let it air out in room temperature.

What is to be done if you spill something on your product

In case there is any stain due to spilling of any water based solution, the quick and easiest remedy is to pat dry with a clean white cloth to let the water dry out. As the leather dries up, the water stain will be gone or less visible depending on the type of leather. Please keep in mind artisanal handloom is not 100% bleed-free. In case you wet it, simply let it dry out.

Be careful of pen marks & oil based solutions.

How to protect your handbag from scratches

After you’ve purchased a handloom bag or wallet it must be kept away from sharp objects.  When it comes to vegetable tanned leather, in case it catches a scratch, it will add to the character of the bag and may wear out over time. However, handloom is delicate and cannot be repaired if it tears. 

Why does the look of a Tan & Loom handbag change over time?

All vegetable tanned leather bags will darken & develop of lustre over time. This happens with exposure to the sun and through absorption of natural oils of your skin. This change in leather is called the patina and is the ultimate sign of quality. This cannot and should not be prevented. Read more about vegetable tanned leather here

Tan & Loom bags made with non-vegetable tanned leather will not change colour or texture over time.

How to clean the handloom or leather

Vacuum clean only or wipe dust with a cotton cloth

Is there a warranty? 

All Tan & Loom full leather products have a 2 year warranty, while leather and loom products have a 1 year warranty. Every request is assessed on a case-by case basis. Proof of purchase is required for a warranty validations service.

What can you claim in the warranty?

  • wear and tear of the leather
  • broken hardware (such as pullers, zippers and hooks)

What does not qualify as a manufacturing defect?

  • Natural fading, darkening or softening of materials
  • Stains, spots or spillage
  • Rips or scratches due to misuse or neglect
  • Damage due to chemical treatments
  • Minor inconsistencies of Banarasi Brocade are not considered a defect due to its artisanal nature. This includes small knots or bumps in threads, minute gaps around motifs, imperfect wefts and variation in colour shade. 


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