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Article: The only fashion trend we need in 2021

The only fashion trend we need in 2021

The only fashion trend we need in 2021

Every facet of life has been affected by the pandemic, and fashion is no exception. Because we’ve had way too much time to lie around and think about everything, there’s been tons of introspection on our pre-COVID lifestyles. In a year, we’ve gone from ‘go big’ to ‘go home’, and post all that time at home, it seems like no one wants to go that big anymore.

Here’s why we think fashion is about to (as it should) become a whole lot more minimal in the year to come.

It’s all about the essentials.



Essentials is definitely a 2020 buzzword, and maybe that’s why we want to apply it to every part of our world. Focus on fashion items you’ll get real use out of – a sturdy backpack, comfy pair of footwear, you get the gist. And hold off on getting that workout wardrobe until you’re absolutely sure it’s going to be worth it. If you’re going to be investing in fewer, more essential pieces…

Focus on quality, not quantity.

Investing in essentials doesn’t necessarily mean stocking up on them. One durable, quality piece is better than 5 flimsy ones. You may need bags every single day, but if you shop right, you only need one. For instance, at Tan & Loom, the quality of our leather and the vegetable tanning process is what makes our products built to last. The same goes for other essentials, like a good pair of denims or a great office tote.

Set your own season-less trends.

Besides the fact that most fast-fashion brands push out new collections every season, there’s no real reason as to why your closet needs to change every spring and autumn. Minimalist fashion bloggers are embracing ‘seasonless capsule wardrobes’, which is just a fancy way to say 40 pieces of clothing that you can mix and match to create a variety of different looks. A few indie brands (like yours truly) already choose to have season-less handbags that you could carry year-round. Versatile pieces like our Signature Moon bag have been designed to complement different outfits & occasions. 

Go Slow

Think of this as a happy bonus for the planet when you go minimal. Even if you aren’t purposefully seeking out sustainable brands, simply buying fewer items is good for the planet!  And if sustainability is in fact a priority, look for brands that employ sustainable practices. At Tan & Loom, we use vegetable tanning for 80% of our pieces, which is a process that is not only kinder to the planet, but also produces an extremely durable product. 

2020 had undoubtedly been a bummer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn lessons from it for a better 2021. That’s the goal – conscious shoppers, conscious brands, and a happier planet. 

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