Slow Fashion in the wake of Covid-19

The ongoing pandemic has forced us to re-assess a lot of things including our fashion consumption and creation choices. Do we really need to upgrade our cupboard every Spring & every Summer? Do we really need to keep up with trends?

We asked friends of Tan & Loom what Slow Fashion means to them to give you a fresh perspective to fashion. 

"Slow fashion to me is synonymous with timeless elegance".

 As told by Bhagyashree Patwardhan

Founder and Creative Director, Paper Boat Collective Goa


Bhagyashree Patwardhan Slow Fashion Paper Boat Collective


“Slow fashion to me is about being stylish and comfortable in garments that are designed to last long and reject unsustainable short-term trends. It is about making mindful investments in products that are crafted by conscious makers using natural materials, responsible techniques and with thought and attention to the quality of the product. Slow fashion to me is synonymous with timeless elegance”.


"Slow Fashion to me is choosing clothing from my closet and accessorising or styling them in newer ways."

As told by Shivani Krishan

Managing editor (Branded Content) - Vogue India, GQ India, Conde Nast Traveller India, Architectural Digest India

Shivani Krishan Vogue GQ Conde Nast Slow Fashion


“Slow fashion to me is raiding my mom's closet for hidden gems--traditional sarees, handwoven skirts, patterned wraparounds--and styling them according to my aesthetic--maybe with funky sneakers, a nice belt, a smart bag. Like I always say, - It's not just about what you wear, but also about how you wear it. I only buy things I really like, pieces that are unique, that speak to me. I don't shop much, preferring to "shop" from what's already at home. But when I do, I ensure it's something that will add value to my life.”


"Slow Fashion is what our foremothers believed in. The next generation must embrace it."

As told by Malavika Banerjee
Founding Partner, Byloom Kolkata and  Director, Kolkata Literary Meet


“Slow fashion, ethical supply chains and mindful buying are the steps necessary for the ‘fashion’ industry to show that it is part of a socially, environmentally conscious world. A colour can’t be ‘so last year’, a skirt can’t be passe in six months, we cannot speak this language anymore. Embrace natural fabric, buy when you need to, not when you’re bored... slow fashion from production to consumption will make your world beautiful. Vanity and trends cannot achieve that. At Byloom we create necklaces and accessories from textile scraps, we try to ensure that whatever waste we produce is upcycled. We are of course a handloom store, but even within the parameters of that ethical segment we try and remain conscious about recycling and repurposing textiles. Slow fashion is what our foremothers believed in, the next generation must embrace it.”

"Slow Fashion to me is dressing & consuming like my grandmothers did. Everything they owned was made of natural materials & locally sourced."

As told told by Dhanya Balasubramaniam
Founder, Papreeka, New York

Dhanya Balasubramaniam Papreeka New York Slow Fashion

"Slow fashion to me is dressing & consuming like my grandmothers did. Everything they owned was made of natural materials & locally sourced. They wore them repeatedly and fashionably. They never bought more than they needed and yet somehow always managed to look so well-dressed - we can all find that person in our lives & use them as an inspiration to consume mindfully. That is the first step in slowing down for me."


"Slow Fashion implementing mindfulness into buying, designing, sourcing and production habits."

As told by Rukmini Guha

Founder, Tan & Loom

Rukmini Guha Slow Fashion Tan & Loom Founder


"Slow Fashion to me is simply being more mindful about fashion. To source homegrown fabrics & give back to the local communities we draw from, to choose materials that are biodegradable or can be easily discarded, to design each handbag with intent and for a purpose, to ensure that our craftsman are given the time they deserve to craft each piece - these are some of the ways we implement slow fashion habits at Tan & Loom. As a consumer, I mindfully shop less & choose products that are made to last. I am a believer in "less is more" & do not feel the need to follow trends. When you implement mindfulness into fashion, that's what you call Slow Fashion".