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Article: The 2020 Gratitude Gift Guide

Handcrafted Wallet Gift set for Women Tan & Loom

The 2020 Gratitude Gift Guide

Needless to say, a global pandemic doesn’t bode well for our usual Pujo holidays and other festivities. We’re going to be doing more social distancing than socializing through the upcoming seasons. With the possibility of Diwali or Christmas gatherings looking pretty bleak, there may not be much scope for hitting the malls and splurging on a new wardrobe. The year’s been a bummer, but if there’s anything that’s helped us get through this in one piece, it’s the people in our lives, near or far.

We propose a 2020 festive season of showing love to those having a rough time, or showing gratitude to those that helped you through some rough times. Whatever you choose, we’ve put together a list of items that’ll do the trick.  

For the mother who’s been making sure you’ve had decent meals

Blue & Grey Leather & Ikat Skinny Tote Tan & Loom

Whether she was walking you through every step of a chicken korma over a video call, or cooking for you herself, she’s been indispensable this year. For the superwoman in all our lives, we’d recommend the cotton ikat Skinny Tote. It’s feathery light on the shoulders, and let’s be real – she’s been carrying a lot on hers these days. 

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For the friend who has been working from home

Handcrafted Vegetable Tanned Leather & Ikat Laptop Sleeve Tan & Loom

Pre-2020, working from home was a coveted dream. This year, not so much. Work from home now involves round-the-clock conference calls and increased accountability. If there’s someone in your life that’s had to deal with this less-than-ideal situation, we propose the vegetable tanned leather handcrafted Envelope Laptop Sleeve that will last long beyond the days of working from home.

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For the long-distance family member/best friend/bae

2020 led to a lot of things being paused indefinitely. That includes travel plans, moving plans, and even staying-in-the-same-city plans. If there’s a face you’re missing, this Travel Smart gift set is perfect gift for her. This passport holder and luggage tag duo says, “You’re the one I want to see when this ends.” And to really drive the point home, email them affordable itineraries too.

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For the one who's been drowning in chores

Premium vegetable tanned leather wallet and cardholder gift set for ladies Tan & Loom

While lockdown involved more chores than ever before for most of us, an unlucky few dealt with the lion’s share within their own homes. For the soldiers amongst us that have taken care of family, kept things clean, and managed to stay sane through it all: we recommend the wallet Genie wallet gift set for her. Sure, they probably won’t receive compensation for their labours through lockdown, but if they were, this would be the perfect place to put it.

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For the one who's calmed you down every time you coughed

Women's Handcrafted Sling Bag Gifts for Her Tan & Loom

If you’ve second-guessed every cough and sneeze over the last year, hopefully you’ve had a friend available to soothe your nerves. Whether she accomplished this through calm rationality or humor, she deserves a load off of her back for lightening yours. For this, we propose the Mini Box Sling. Large enough to carry an extra mask, tissues and sanitiser if anyone around needs it, and weightless in a way that allows her to be her free-spirited self. 

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2020 has taught us a lot – about choosing quality over quantity in our purchases and the people in our lives. Combining the former and the latter is pretty much the best way to celebrate this festive season. Also, every good deed gives you a little dopamine hit. Rewards for everyone!

To keep browsing gifting options head over to The Gift Co. 



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